5-Paragraph Research Paper

     For this part of the project, each student will write a five-paragraph research paper about the Renaissance and change. This will culminate the end of their acquiring information about the many aspects of change in society after the fall of Medieval Times. Students will receive a grade in Language Arts class for their mechanics and in history class for their presentation of information learned. 

        Language Arts

     Students will write a 5 paragraph Informative essay describing what they believe to be the 2 to 3 changes that made the greatest impact on society as a result of the Renaissance. Three different sources must be cited from your research and learnings. Rubrics for language arts and history will be the tool for assessment and will be distributed as your instructional tool for writing your essay.



        Social Studies

         The rubric used to grade the history of the aspect is below. Students are to present what they consider are three of the most important aspects of change during the Renaissance. The paper will be graded based on the source of the elements for their decision, the detailed description of the paper, and the citing of examples of their three important elements. 

         To review the assignment, the teacher will describe the hand-out below that will discuss the composition of the five paragraphics. The shapes and colors below help visual learners understand the organization of a five-paragraph research paper. 


         Then, students will be given the paper below so they can begin the draft of what will compile their five paragraphs. 

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